Adding Staff Information

MMS is an excellent, central location to keep staff contact information up to date. By storing all staff contact information within MMS, the district can automatically use the information to update our ParentLink notification system on a nightly basis.

A few guidelines before getting started:
  • When adding a new staff member to your school ALWAYS create a new record! NEVER re-use the old record of a staff member that is no longer working at your school!
  • Add a record for all staff members working in your school, including principals, secretaries, clerks, custodians, aides, assistants, and food service workers. This will ensure that everyone will receive notification calls and messages.
  • Creating a record for a staff member DOES NOT provide user access to the MMS application for that staff member. Access to the MMS application and its online portals is handled in a separate process.
1. Click on "School" and select "Edit Staff Expanded". Note: If you choose "Edit Staff Basic", you will not have access to the staff member's contact information

2. Click the "Add a new record" button on the toolbar

3. In the "Enter New Staff Code" field, enter the following pattern FIRSTINITIAL3LETTERSOFLASTNAME, (e.g. PBAR for Paul Barrette, KPER for Katy Perry, TBRA for Tom Brady, etc.) and click "OK"

4. Fill out the Display Name, Last Name, First Name and Gender. Check "Non-Instructional Staff Member" if the staff member is not a teacher.

5. Fill out the staff member's mailing address, making sure to separate street number and street name. Add up to three phone numbers, including AREA CODE. Enter the staff member's BSD email address

6. Save the new staff record