Elementary Transfer Classes and Grades

If you are transferring/moving a student from one classroom to another AND the student has already received at least one report card in the current school year, you need to follow a SPECIFIC procedure to ensure that the grades they already received are transferred to the new classes.

1. Click on "Grades" and select "Edit Student Grades"

2. Click the "Locate a Record" button on the toolbar to find a specific student

3. Highlight a class to change

4. Click the "Add a new record" button on the toolbar

5. Select "Replace course", highlight the class to change/add, highlight the new section to transfer the student into, and click "OK"

6. Click "Yes" when prompted "You have chosen to REPLACE course-section..."

7. Click "Yes" in the "Add section?" dialog box

8. Click "Yes" in the "Delete schedule record and transfer grades?" dialog box

9. Repeat the process for all the student's courses