Entering PLP Program Information

RIDE is now collecting student PLP information much more frequently. To ensure that we are keeping track as a district AND to make the data reporting to RIDE easier, each school needs to keep track of PLP students within MMS INSTEAD of using a spreadsheet.

We will be using the "Student Programs" function of MMS to track and report this information.

1. Open a student's Biographical record

2. Click the "Biogr" button, choose "More Biographical Editing Jobs" and click "Edit Student Programs"

3. Click the "plus" button on the toolbar to add a new Program record

4. Fill in the "Program" code and the "Begin date" for PLP services for THIS YEAR.
For elementary students, the correct Program code is 1510 - "PLP - K-5 reading below grade level"
For middle and high school students, you must select either 1520 - "PLP - 6-12 less than 1 year below grade level" OR
1521 - "PLP - 6-12 1 year or more below grade level"

5. Click "Save" on the toolbar to save the new Program record

When a student stops receiving PLP services OR withdraws from school, you need to update the Program record to reflect the "Exit Date" and "Exit Reason 1".

When/if a student begins receiving PLP services again IN THE SAME SCHOOL YEAR, you will need to add a new Program record for those services.