Ethnicity and Race

The new Federal Ethnicity and Race requirements are a two-part question.

Question #1 is about the student's Hispanic Ethnicity and each student needs to identify as "Y" or "N".

Question #2 is a little trickier and it's about the student's Race. Each student can identify as "Y" or "N" in multiple categories. However, each student MUST identify "Y" in AT LEAST one Race category, REGARDLESS of whether or not they identified as "Y" or "N" in Question #1, Hispanic Ethnicity.

So, even if a student identifies as "Y" in Question #1, Hispanic Ethnicity, the student MUST also identify as at least one category in Question #2, Race. As you register new students, please make sure that the parent or the student (if they are of legal age) answer BOTH questions about Hispanic Ethnicity and Race and they choose "Y" in at least one category in Question #2.

Paul Barrette,
Sep 7, 2010, 7:23 AM