Find a Student BEFORE Enrolling a New Student

Because MMS is the GLOBAL student information system for the ENTIRE district, including special education, services-only and outplacement students, it is possible that a student can have multiple records across multiple schools

Any time you register a new student, no matter what grade level, you need to do a "find student" to make sure that student does not already have a record and ID# within MMS. This will prevent you from creating a new ID# for a student who already has one within MMS, no matter what the grade. It also will save you data entry time because if you find a student who already has a record within MMS, you can copy that record to your school in the current school year with one click of a button.

Here's how:

1. Click on the "Biogr" button, choose "Operations" and click "Find a Student"

2. Enter the first few letters of the student's last name and click "Find"

3. If you find there is already a record for the student, highlight the most recent existing record and click "Copy Record"

4. Click "Yes" to copy the biographical and contact records

5. **IMPORTANT** Find the student's record you just copied to your school (it may be "Inactive") and do the following:
Set the statuses to "Active"
Add an enrollment record on the "Attendance E/W/R Status" tab
Check the information on the Student Info I and Contacts tabs to make sure that it is accurate
Remove any information from the "Next School", "Enrollment Type", "Exit Date", and "Exit Type" from the RI Data Elements tabs