Mass Edit Student Program Information

In the beginning of the school year, it may be quicker and easier to "Mass Edit" student Program information (PLP, Title I, EIS) in groups and then edit and enter additional information after the fact.

Because of the way that the Mass Edit process works, you can only enter the same Program Code and Program Entry Date at one time per group of students. If you have a group students with different Program Codes or different Program Entry Dates, you will need to Mass Edit them as separate groups.

1. Click the "Biogr" button, select "Operations" and then click "Mass Edit Student Programs"

2. Set the "Program code to add" and "Program entry date" for the same group of students

3. Click "Student Range" to select the group of students to add the Program Information

4. Select the boxes next to the students you want to Mass Edit and click "OK" (TIP: click "Deselect All" and then select the students)

5. Click "Process" to complete the Mass Edit

Repeat this process for additional groups of students that need different/additional Program Codes or Entry Dates